Do I Have To File a Tax Return?

We really do get this question a lot.The video posted by the IRS is a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to educating yourself whether or not an individual should file taxes.




Tax Expert Same sex marriage

Avo Asdourian, Tax Expert Same sex marriage

         Before you know it, April 15 will be upon us.   How would LGBT couples of California residents know what family status to take?

Although the state of California currently recognizes same sex marriage as legal, Gay and Lesbian couples still have the option to file as Registered Domestic Partners (RDP).  “As 2014 is the first year gay and lesbian couples can file as married couples, here are a few tips that might help LGBT couples decide which status best fits their needs.” said Avo Asdourian, EA Legal Tax Representative to the IRS.  LGBT couples can always take great benefit in consulting with Avo on their taxes especially when things get complicated and overwhelming. It’ easy to contact Avo either through this blog or when you click here. Contact Avo.

           As with the federal tax return, California allows same -sex couples to take the standard deduction for the taxpayer’s filing status or to itemize deductions. Choosing the larger of these two amounts will result in the lower tax.  


California standard deduction is $3,906 for single and married/RDP filing separate.

California standard deduction is $7,812 for married/RDP filing joint, head of household, and qualified widow(er).  


Taxpayers may itemize deductions on the federal return and claim the standard deduction on the California return, or, conversely, claim the standard deduction on the federal return and itemize deductions for California. 


For federal tax purposes, registered domestic partners are considered single.  If one itemizes, the other is not required to itemize.


For California returns, if the partners file using the married/RDP filing separate status, both must itemize deductions or both must take the standard deduction.


For California returns, if partnes file as married/RDP filing joint, use the more advantageous amount – standard deduction or itemized deductions.   Be sure to include both partners’ expenses when computing the itemized amounts.


LGBT couples will file with IRS as married couples

Tax Issues of Same-Sex Marriage

Now that the law for same-sex marriage is legal in the eyes of the federal government, same-sex married couples can now file joint tax returns which could benefit the taxpayer or make things worse.

Although State Tax Laws differ, the Federal Government, IRS,  recognizes same-sex marriages as legal and are liable to filing taxes within the same acceptable parameters of the IRS rules and regulations as intended for all married couples and families.

Aug. 29, 2014 the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced that same-sex married couples, regardless of where they live, will be recognized as married for federal tax purposes. The law says that as long as the couple was legally married in a jurisdiction that sanctions the weddings, they are married in Uncle Sam’s tax eyes even if they later move to a state that does not recognize same-sex marriages.

Jurisdictions that recognize same-sex marriages

States for same sex marriage

*These jurisdictions also allow domestic partnerships.


Here is what you should know about filing a federal return

1.   Find a tax preparer who knows how to run numbers several different ways for the benefit of the tax-payer.

-Whether it is filing jointly, filing separately, single or head of the household, based on your income and on your exemptions and deductions, the preparer should know where you benefit the most and advise you accordingly.

2.  In addition to running your numbers several different ways, your tax preparer should have the knowledge to recommend a structure to benefit your filing status for the future.

-Advising isn’t every tax preparer’s duty nor capability. Find someone who knows how to restructure and advise for the benefit of the taxpayer.


With LGBT Tax Experts, Avo Asdourian is THE professional to guide you and file your taxes for the tax payers’ benefits.

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